Artist Rick Hamilton

I was asked the other day about how I got started painting. I think it was 1999. I was living up on the Eastern Prom on Munjoy Hill in Portland Maine. There was a family in the apartment building below me that had a 10 yr old daughter. One day she had her paints out on the front lawn working. I started talking to her and she asked if I would like to try painting. I said sure and really liked it. I think within a week or so I bought my first watercolor paint kit. I just fell in love with painting. I started painting flowers. I have never taken any painting classes or sought out any training. I just think of what I want to paint and keep practicing till I get to a point I’m happy with. I started painting people at about 2012. It took a long time to get the hands and feet to a place I was happy with. Also, the eyes are hard for me. Oh and the hair. Damn, I guess every part is tricky for me. Necks were easy. I do love the way I represent people and that is part of the reason I do not want to take any classes or training. I don’t want to mess with my style. So this is some of how I got started.

My main motivation behind my work is making connections with people. I love to talk about my work and to hear how it may affect someone. I am a self-taught artist. I use wooden panels that I put together myself. When I am working on a piece I use multiple layers of paint. I use sanders, scrapers, and heat to create textures. I don’t paint from photographs or models. All of the images are from my head. I may be having a conversation with someone and hear a saying or sentence that inspires a painting. Or maybe I would hear a line in a song that puts an idea in my head.

The gallery is open every day at 10 am. To see all of Rick Hamilton’s available work, click here.