Pop-Up with markpizzaArt 2020

Featured Artist, Mark Pizza is the guest artist for Pop-Up beginning Tuesday, August 4 to August 10. Read on to learn more about his inspiration, his process, and his work.

August 4 to August 10

“Growing up in New England, I have always been drawn to the power of nature but after moving to New York City, the city lifestyle had an enormous impact on my creative process. Creating a visual that can capture energy in a fleeting moment is what I hope to communicate. My work is rooted in photography with a contemporary approach; I incorporate a digital overlay technique of layering multiple images that results in a collaged effect.  I produce my images by using various traditional and digital photographic processes which are then printed on materials such as metal, acrylic, canvas, watercolor paper, and textiles.”

“The work I create represents my life, my experiences, and my evolution as an artist over the years. My work incorporates visuals of both city and rural landscapes with personal touches applied throughout each scene. My inspiration is based on capturing moments in time which are interpreted with the use of color, texture, shapes, light, and motion. Each piece reflects an influential moment or feeling that has occurred during my life and I hope to inspire my viewers to engage with their own moment of reflection.”

Mark Pizza is an expert in combining multiple photographic memories to create multilayered, surrealistic experiences. Pizza aims to evoke multiple responses, questions, and emotions from his viewers; calling his process a digital overlay technique to create a collage effect. Pizza’s final compositions range in size and are printed on a variety of materials, all dependent on the narrative and message of his work.

Pizza’s work is inspired by life events, as well as deep-rooted memories. Having lived in both rural and urban environments, Pizza translates his experiences into each piece which then represents an influential moment or feeling that occurred; his hope is to hold onto his memories, even as time passes, and to provoke his viewers to reflect on their lives, as well as further understand their sense of self.

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