Pop-Up with Mike L’Antigua 2020

Featured Artist, Mike L’Antigua is the guest artist for Pop-Up beginning Tuesday, August 25 to Monday, August 31. Read on to learn more about his inspiration, his process, and his work.

August 25 to August 31

“What is it that drives me to pick up a paintbrush? Although Art is in my blood, I first got inspired by my visit to the Renoir exhibit in Boston in 1985. Seeing those beautiful paintings up close and personally lit the fire. This began a love affair with the impressionists.

The first paintings were awkward and lousy. It did not take long to realize you need instruction in painting for it to go anywhere. After all, painting is 80% craft/skill. After trying out the workshop scene for 3 years I realized having six or seven voices in my head wasn’t working. so in 2016, I settled on a weekly class with a very talented artist and sound teacher in my area. Well, it worked wonders. Learning all the fundamentals of Representational Painting has elevated my work 1000 fold.

So where to go from there? After a lot of New England Seascapes and a lot of figurative painting, I circled back to Impressionism. You always go back to your first love. I am developing a Pond/Lilypad series these days with hopes of building a body of this work. There are some seascapes, landscapes, and figures mixed in.

I plan to continue many subject matters but try to paint them in a more impressionistic way. I hope you come along for the ride it should be fun.”

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