Protected Places  – Insights from Artist Ingunn Joergensen

For this show, Ingunn Joergensen is revisiting her barn and boathouse theme. These works have the simplicity which comes from her native Norway, yet they hold the warmth of an old New England barn. 

“I don’t think I will ever grow tired of these structures,” says Joergensen. “It’s the idea of protecting the crop, the herd, the lively hood, and in that the future of those who rely on it. To me, that is love in its purest form.”

For Joergensen, the barn becomes a symbol of hope and hard work. It is a connection to the land or sea and holds purpose and presence.  These structures tie us to those before us and future generations. 

“It is a circle of life. It’s a sense of place and belonging we all need and crave in our lives,” says Joergensen. “I have always said that a barn is my Cathedral. These new works are a place of peace, decluttered, and expanded from our ego.”

Likewise, Joergensen’s nest series carries the same metaphor.  

“My nests are a continuation of the same idea, just in a very organic version,” she shares. “They are a brilliant structure, both strong and fragile, and made to protect something much loved.”

To see Joergensen’s entire collection for this show, please visit before July 18. These works are hung at Shows on Maine Art Hill, along with works from fellow artists Julie Houck and Margaret Gerding. You may also see the online virtual tour by following this link. VIRTUAL TOUR – JOERGENSEN, GERDING, and HOUCK.

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All three artists show with Maine Art Hill year round. Please visit anytime or call for more info.