Red House and Pink Cloud II – Abbie Williams and Monhegan Island

Williams_Red House, Pink Cloud II_Oil on Linen_30x40

Abbie Williams | Red House, Pink Cloud II | Oil on Linen | 30″ X 40″ $4300

It is dirt roads and no cars, cagey cliffs and quiet paths, fir trees and fairy houses. It is twelve miles of hidden trails wound around one mile of island. It is quiet beauty, living colors, and one of Abbie Williams’ favorite places.

Monhegan Island is a sanctuary for many artists. All who travel here are looking for one thing; solitude. Artists seek out the peace and natural surroundings of Maine unspoiled, and Abbie has been lucky enough to find it on this little island in Maine.

“One of the amazing parts of being able to stay on Monhegan Island for a period of time is seeing how the light changes day to day, from the early morning to the late afternoon,” says Williams. “The skies around the island are intriguing, magical, ethereal. Beyond description.” So, if she can’t describe it with words, she must paint, and that is how Red House and Pink Cloud II came to be.  “This orange and pink cloud behind the red house created such an exciting response in me, I couldn’t help but paint it.”

It is this passion, this love, that Abbie has for her surroundings that is revealed in each canvas. Works like Lone Pine and Winter Moon breathe with the life she infuses in her work. Standing in front these paintings, one is transported and sitting on the edge of the scenery taking in the world that is Abbie Williams.

Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture has the pleasure of housing a wonderful collection Abbie Williams’ work.  If you would like to see more, please visit at 14 Western Avenue in Kennebunk or visit her Artist Page on-line.

Maine. As they see it., will be open at Maine Art Shows everyday from 11-5. Please come in and check out this wonderful new show highlighting our state through the eyes of some of the most talented artists in the area. You can also view the show on-line at Maine. As they see it.





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