Samuel’s Wave – Jill Matthews, Artist Choice

Jill Matthews is a new artist here at Maine Art Hill, and this is her first Choice Show with us. Living in Kennebunkport, she takes her inspiration from the places she loves best, the place she calls home.

“I am connected to this wave series more so than any others I have created,” says Matthews.  “Some of my favorite pieces are often those based on the impact a new experience has had on me.”

Samuel’s Wave is a painting of a moment that had such an impact. Matthews is naturally drawn to the coast and has always felt her best when connected to the sea.

“Learning to surf has brought me even closer to a place I thought I already knew.  It is so rare to be lucky enough to experience a well-loved place in a completely different way,” shares Matthews.  “This particular painting brings me back to a day I surfed with my son.  It was a day when I realized the true power of the ocean and how it continues to connect us all.”

Recreating these moments, these memories, on canvas and sharing them is part of the passion and the reason Jill paints.

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