Sandra Dunn – The Choice Show 2021

 Asking an artist to talk about their art is like asking a plant to discuss horticulture. ~ Jean Cocteau
“This is how I feel when people ask me to talk about my art,” says artist Sandra Dunn. “I feel that on some level, artists paint because they cannot express their thoughts and feelings well in words – at least this is how it is with me.  But, I will try to put into words a bit about my art and process.”
“I paint what I find beautiful.  Painting for me is like meditation,” explains  Dunn. “When I am mixing colors and focusing on values and shapes, I am operating in my right brain, and all the chatter of the mind is shut down.”
“Painting for me is perhaps my one ‘real’ God-given gift.  I have tried to ignore it. I have even tried to minimize it at times in my life. It always comes back to me,” shares Dunn.  “I know now that even though I don’t completely understand the why, this is what I am here to do.”
“I hope that maybe my paintings bring a bit of joy to others  I want to capture and preserve a moment in time of something hopeful, beautiful, and uplifting,” she says. “I love painting flowers. I love painting Maine.  I love painting a spot of light touching the edge of a bird’s feathers or a cow’s ear.”
“My studio is at my home in Chelsea. I also teach art to pre-K through 8 students at the local school.  I have been doing this for 30 years! My students are my teachers in their openness to express and to create fearlessly,” says Dunn about her inspiration. “My husband of 20 years passed away in 2019.  He was a photographer, and his work brought me lots of inspiration as well.  I know he would be happy for me to keep on creating.”

Below are several links to learn more about Dunn and see all of her available works.

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