Scaling Up – Artist Insights from R. Scott Baltz

“In this show, COLOR,  there are a few examples of where there is a smaller piece, maybe 8×10 or 10 x 10 or maybe even 12×12,” tells Artist R. Scott Baltz. “I like these paintings, and while they are each a complete painting, I often decide to upscale it to a larger piece. This isn’t an uncommon thing for many artists.”

People find that while the colors and subject matter are similar, it is approached in a different way once he scales up to a larger size. 


“It’s purely about the real estate size of the canvas or panel. The larger I go, the more freedom it allows me to experiment,” says Baltz. “I also become more expressive with a brushstroke or using a palette knife or a scrapper when I am working large.”

Basically, the smaller version is a study, but for Baltz, it is about taking the idea to another level and scaling up.


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