Self Heal – Susan Wahlrab, Artist Choice

Self Heal by Susan Wahlrab

Susan Wahlrab’s work is all about nuance.  Each time she picks up her brush she is reminded that the variety of color in nature is endless.

“As I continue on my path, I notice color more and more.  This has led me to the flower as a representative of all of nature. Energy, spirit, beauty, story,  passion, reproduction and well, life!” shares Wahlrab.  “In taking a small piece of a large landscape, I notice and describe more and more intricate variations. And even though small, it certainly represents the whole.”

Self Heal, Wahlrab’s Artist Choice for 2018, is a flower that lives all around us, a wildflower. Its herbal properties are, as it says, heal all. “To me, it feels like the heart opening and the making of a deep connection,” explains Wahlrab. “we are all in this together.”

Self Heal is a small painting with a large presence. Wahlrab encourages us to get up close and spend some time. “It is just like in nature, the more you stop and truly see, the more you will notice, the better you will feel.”


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