Silvery Summer Light on the Isles of Shoals – Artist Insights from Claire Bigbee

The Isles of Shoals is a group of small, rocky islands in the Gulf of Maine and six miles off Portsmouth, New Hampshire coast.  It is also where Claire Bigbee found inspiration for her summer show.

“Toward the end of my painting for this show, I booked a three-and-a-half-hour day trip and tour to check out the Isles of Shoals with my sister,” shares Bigbee. ” I have lived in Maine since I was twelve and have never been there. So we were both very excited to finally visit.”


As they docked for their hour-long walkabout, the captain gave them a brief rundown of the island, its facilities, and a few suggestions on what to see.

“I was immediately turned on to the vibe at Star Island. I spoke to the personal retreat concierge at the Oceanic Hotel and booked four days and three nights for the following week in hopes of five more paintings for my show,” says Bigbee.

The Oceanic Hotel has a front porch scattered with oversized wooden rocking chairs, with most guests holding books on their laps and relaxing.