Spring Arrivals 2021 – Jeffrey Fitzgerald

Jeffrey Fitzgerald

2021 Spring Arrivals

These are the three newest spring arrivals from artist Jeffrey Fitzgerald. We are featuring these two images this week, March 28 to April 3. Any of these paintings purchased is subject to free shipping*.

Swing-Big 12 x 24 Acrylic on Canvas


Fog Recedes 20×20 Acrylic on Canvas.


Gossamer Seaweed 36×16 Acrylic on Linen


Spruce Dance Matisse and Burchfield 16×36 Acrylic

Drawing and painting have always been daily though they became more tactile and local. I tread water with an occasional float. I am at mystery upon wonder with objects and suggestion, reflection and transparency. Every day, rocks, sea, and sky are virgin and desire. These thoughts/objects are constitutional fuel. With that, ceaselessly streaming news and giant interpersonal communications are absorbed, and I am moved. The paintings are proclamation and respite of these states. I rarely see the work as abstract. I see expressive illustrations with color and brushstroke as muse and model. I catapult and dive, dig and luxuriate, and painting continues to cement and flood.

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