Spring Arrivals 2021 – Julia M. Doughty

Julia M. Doughty

2021 Spring Arrivals

These are the newest spring arrivals from artist Julia M. Doughty. We are featuring these images this week, from April 11 to April 17. Any of these paintings purchased is subject to free shipping*.

Lionheart, Found Objects, 7 x7 x 2″
Heralding the Herd, Found Objects, 19″ x 11 x 2″
Alpha, Found Objects, 13″ x 9 x3″

“I am a scavenger and an iron hound. Since I was a child, rusty iron remnants discarded by past lives have lured me. Old beds and cars and other rotting, wonderful iron carcasses call out to me. They are rich in history and speak of, perhaps, a more physical but simpler way of life. I love the color and texture of rust, especially when combined with stone and wood. I love that nature has changed these objects in its process of reclaiming them. After I find these special objects. I continue their metamorphosis in my studio. Sometimes I know right away how I will incorporate them into my sculpture and sometimes they sit with me for years.”

Julia M. Doughty


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