Spring Arrivals 2021 – Karen Bruson

Karen Bruson

2021 Spring Arrivals

These are the two newest spring arrivals from artist Karen Bruson. We are featuring these two images this week,  March 21 to 27. Any of these paintings purchased is subject to free shipping*.

Birds of a Feather 12-x-24 Oil


Here Comes the Big One! 24 x 30 Oil

“My artwork comes from the visual connection I have with common, everyday objects and places. I am inspired by the way light falls upon a subject, casting rich dark shadows, and I aspire to simplify the nuances within those darks. Starting with a luminous, warm ground, I seek to create a vibration of color by using compliments and deliberately leaving some areas untouched. Painting for me is a life-long journey of observations and a representational translation of my surroundings. “


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