Spring Arrivals 2021 – Liz Hoag

Liz Hoag

2021 Spring Arrivals

These are the three newest spring arrivals from artist Liz Hoag. We are featuring these images this week, from March 28 to April 3. Any of these paintings purchased is subject to free shipping*.

Maine Autumn 24×24 Acrylic on Canvas


Through the Birches 20x16
Through the Birches 20×16 Acrylic on Canvas


Island Edge 20x16
Island Edge 20×16 Acrylic on Canvas

In all of my work, the light is critical to the feeling. After taking photographs on walks around her neighborhood or local trails, she comes back to her studio. This is where the magic happens. Starting with a dark canvas, or negative space, she builds up by adding light. The result is a stained glass image that is both abstract and representational.

Paths, trees, branches, color, light, air, open space, water; we have it all here in Maine. Whether it’s looking up at trees in our suburban neighborhoods, driving down country highways, or walking trails to the lakes, streams, and sea, we have a visual peace and quiet within reach. We can find calm and beauty right along the road almost anywhere in Maine.

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