Spring Arrivals 2022 – R. Scott Baltz

R. Scott Baltz

2022 Spring Arrivals

These are the three newest spring arrivals from artist R. Scott Baltz. We feature these three unique paintings this week, from May 9 to May 15. Click the link below to find the details on each of these pieces. Any or all of these paintings purchased this week are subject to free shipping*.

“The landscape is at the heart of my interests. I believe that nature and the experiences we have absorbed within nature are sustaining and essential to our human condition. On a personal level, without this connection, I feel unsettled, disconnected from the lifeline of energy that connects all things. As a result, my work explores this connection, examining the landscape through transition, movement, and energy through color, composition, and paint application.”

“I attempt to translate the essence of my personal experiences in nature while referencing the natural world’s value and place in our lives. The earth needs our attention and care, and so through my efforts, I attempt to create an awareness of the fine balance required to sustain life and beauty and love.”

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