Spring Arrivals 2022 – Ryan Kohler

Ryan Kohler

2022 Spring Arrivals

These are the two newest spring arrivals from artist Ryan Kohler. We are featuring these two unique paintings this week, March 28 – April 3. Click the link below to find the details on each of these pieces. Any or all of these paintings purchased this week are subject to free shipping*.

“Some would argue that a painting, just by being a painting, is automatically abstracted to a small degree, no matter how hyper-realistic it is. My work falls on the abstraction scale somewhere, sure, but where doesn’t matter to me. Tasteful expression matters to me; strong composition and accurate drawing matter to me; mixing color with integrity matters to me. Fussy, overworked, lifeless paintings bore me something dreadful. An artist can be anything but boring. They say that no paintings are ever finished, just abandoned. The trick is to know when to walk away.”


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Ryan Kohler –  ARTIST PAGE

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Ryan also has a collection of videos.

Ryan Kohler –  VIDEOS

*Shipping is free in the contiguous United States. There may be occasions where delivery may be a more viable option.