Spring Arrivals at Maine Art Hill 2023


Spring is upon us, thank goodness, and we at Maine Art Hill know our visitors are ready to open windows and enjoy the sunshine.

For our artists, spring holds a different kind of excitement. The longer, darker, colder winter days are often when artists are at their best. They create, paint, sculpt and find inspiration in the craziest places. When spring comes, it’s time to bring said pieces to the gallery. Experience tells us these works represent some of the most impressive works.

So why not invite you to share in the excitement?

Spring Arrivals

Every Monday, beginning March 6, we will email everyone on our list. This email will feature three or four artists and their new “Spring Arrivals.” This will continue through April.

During this time, watch for social media posts on Facebook and Instagram on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays to highlight the week’s artists and learn more about them.

Any purchases from the featured weeks are eligible for free shipping* when purchased by the following Sunday.

Who will these artists be? Which pieces of work?

We aren’t telling! You must wait until the email comes or follow us on social media! Don’t you love the anticipation?

How do you do that?

Join our email list to learn about the artists as they are announced! BTW…the link is on the bottom right of our home page.

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*Shipping is free within the contiguous United States. However, there may be occasions where delivery may be a more viable option.