Spring Arrivals – Susan Bennett 2022

Susan Bennett

2022 Spring Arrivals

These are the four newest spring arrivals from artist Susan Bennett. We are featuring these four amazing paintings this week, March 28 – April 3. Click the link below to find the details on each of these pieces. Any or all of these paintings purchased this week are subject to free shipping*.

Susan Bennett is one of the talented artists at The Works, one of six galleries at Studios on Maine Art Hill. She is an accomplished sculptor who has always called Maine home. Working mainly with steel and carbon steel she creates abstract sculptures representing her views of nature.

Artistically, I have focused on material that I understand on a technical level. Steel and stainless steel are heavy, solid materials. My intent has been to dispel these impressions, giving the metal qualities of motion and weightlessness. This study, somewhat subversive to the traditional treatment of this mean material, transforms it into a sculpture that gives consideration to an integrated and instinctive process.

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Susan Bennett-  ARTIST PAGE

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*Shipping is free in the contiguous United States. There may be occasions where delivery may be a more viable option.