Summer Silver Morning – Artist Insights from Jeffrey Fitzgerald

“There is a lot of persuasion involved on each canvas,” says artist Jeffrey Fitzgerald.

“Some paintings begin with a drawing. Almost everything does or at least a blocked-out composition,” says Fitzgerald. ” I have been blocking in designs since I could draw a box. Some micro, others not, which means the scene in my head or now drawing begins immediately with a set of shapes; some are rocks, sea, or sky.”

Fitzgerald considers this a good group of his paintings. He uses the words “majesty unending” to describe this work and this show.  “For me, the canvas becomes energy, construct, and color,” he says. “Color is zenith and zeal. It’s my favorite luxury and workhorse.”

Fitzgerald is always stopping the water from breaching the dam with color. So he holds back, reserving with a limit. “Summer Silver Morning has just enough working brushstrokes, patterns that employ emotional charge and describe the landscape,” explains Fitzgerald. “It has color that’s evocative but local. I am building from life.”



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Jeffrey Fitzgerald

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Jeffrey Fitzgerald