Susan Wahlrab – Leaning into Flowers

“If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change.” Buddha

Susan Wahlrab, a watercolorist from Vermont, has decided to stop, lean in and embrace what is around her. This past year has brought many changes and with it the new realization.

“The only thing in life we can truly count on is that this too shall pass,” says Wahlrab. “Many folks struggle against change, and although I certainly have my challenges, I embrace it.”

Change especially is seen in her work. From the beginning, she has experimented with the process of image creation in many mediums. “Drawing, printmaking, painting, sculpture, I played with all forms known,” shares Wahlrab. “Then I began inventing, collaborating and experimenting.”

And the fun began. Wahlrab’s technique of using watercolor on a clay surface and then varnishing comes from this vast repertoire. “There is a scientist buried in me,” she laughs. 

Everything Wahlrab does is to support an ever-deepening connection with the pulse of nature. This is seen as well as felt when spending time with her work. “I feel the landscape reveals all of life and since that includes us, is healing beyond understanding,” explains Wahlrab. 

In this last year, she evolved into focusing in on the flowers, even more so to the magic the flowers hold. “Who does not love flowers?” Wahlrab asks. “They make our hearts sing, and when our hearts sing, we are our very best selves.” 

Wahlrab has one of three rooms at Shows on Maine Art Hill, sharing the space with Jeffrey Fitzgerald and Rebecca Kinkead. This three-artist show will run until Thursday, August 9.

“I am excited to have a whole room to exhibit at Maine Art Hill,” says Wahlrab. “The paintings are their best selves when seen together this way. I hope you will come and spend some quiet time surrounded and then maybe do a little dance!”

Artist Susan Wahlrab

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