Bethany Harper Williams – Three Views of Maine

“I have always been captivated by lobster boats, and lobster boats are ubiquitous in Maine, providing me with lots of inspiration. There is a charm to the shapes and bright colors that give each boat a unique personality. I should call these collages portraits as I’m trying to portray the character of the individual boats.”

Liz Hoag – Three Views of Maine

“This piece is more of a study of undergrowth. But, again, it’s the late afternoon sun of late winter/early spring, which I love. The darks and the golds against each other are a great vehicle for showing depth in the seeming tangle of branches, and the dark greens offer a soft and subtle background to the brighter happenings in front. I enjoy the complex movement of the branches and how typical it is of what I see off to the side of any path I walk in Maine. There’s so much going on right off the path.”

Ellen Granter – Three Views of Maine

“When choosing three images for this show, I thought of how variable any day in Maine can be. Crystal clear, sunny, and hot one day, then foggy and mysterious the next. So I decided all three of my submissions could be beach-based and still represent how I see Maine.”