Spring Arrivals 2022 – Alex Dunwoodie

“I’m painting what I love; what grabs my attention and makes me pause. Mornings and evenings are particularly inspirational because colors can be intensified, and light can make the ordinary interesting. Boats, whether for work or play, merge with the seascape. And coastal trees stand out like resolute figures, and I appreciate their determination. “

Spring Arrivals 2022 – Bethany Harper Williams

Layers of unexpected shapes, patterns, and colors create a visual composite of energy and calm, taking the viewer away from the reality of the image and triggering a personal memory, a moment in time. A low horizon line or the playful placement of simple figures brings context to the expressive composition of color and texture.

Spring Arrivals 2022 – David Jacobson

Each bird is interesting, in and of itself, and together forms a more intricate sculpture. The birds are placed in a formation influenced by observed birds in flight. Angling up, lifting off, soaring. Actual colorings influence the birds’ patterns and colors, but the birds are merely representative of real birds.

Spring Arrivals 2022 – David Witbeck

David Witbeck 2022 Spring Arrivals These are the newest spring arrivals from artist David Witbeck. We feature these unique paintings this week, April 11 – April 17. Click the link below to find the details on each of these pieces. Any or all of these paintings purchased this week are subject to free shipping*. “I’m… Read more »