The 9th Annual Choice Art Show at Shows on Maine Art Hill in Kennebunk

This is the ninth year for the Choice Art Show, and, as always, the art that fills this show stays true to the charm and appeal of the area. However, as you all know, times are changing, and we are doing our best to change with them. 

Rhythm in Red by Susan Tobey White

We are still opening the Show Gallery at 10 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk for the summer season with the 9th Annual Choice Art Show. Nine years, we have to keep something the same.

As many of you know, this is the only show of its kind curated in part by a local designer, the artists themselves, and the public. However, the unveiling is to take place in stages. Click the links FMI.

  • The show is virtually available to view on Wednesday, May 27.  VIRTUAL CHOICE SHOW
  • The virtual tour is available on Thursday, May 28. VIRTUAL TOUR of CHOICE SHOW
  • The “CHOICES” will be announced on Friday, May 29 VIRTUAL SHOW WITH CHOICES
  • The show will open virtually at 10 AM on Saturday, May 30, for sales. email or 207-967-2803 FMI or to make a purchase.
  • The brick and mortar opening on Monday, June 1, following all CDC guidelines. (facemarks required)
  • The Virtual Artist Reception on Saturday, June 6, at 5 PM on Maine Art Hill’s Facebook Page. All are welcome to watch. MAINE ART HILL FACEBOOK

Blues Traveler by Dina Gardner


Seven “New to Maine Art Hill” artists are celebrating every aspect of Maine’s life. This state is incredibly diverse, and all of its beauty is well represented. Each of the seven artists submitted six pieces of art for the show. ALL SIX WILL BE IN THE SHOW. However, this is the Choice Show, so choices had to be made. 

Bayside Bunch by Karen Bruson

After careful viewing by many, the titles of People’s Choice, Designers’ Choice, and/or Artist’s Choice have been decided. They will be “crowned” on the website on FRIDAY, MAY 28 and will be easy to find as you look through each piece.

All This is Ours by Ryan Kohler

The People’s Choice, with almost seven hundred voters this year, was selected by followers of Maine Art Hill from all over the world. The Designer’s Choice was once again made by local interior designer Louise Hurlbutt of Hurlbutt Designs. The final choice, as always, is the artists’. Occasionally there is a piece that sports two of the “titles,” and rarely there is a piece that is the trifecta of Choice and is chosen by all three. This is rare! As you look through, see if you can find them. 

Serving the Light by Donald Rainville

“Keeping tradition is important, but we have to change with these crazy times,” shares owner John Spain. “The Choice Show is something our clients look forward to each year. They are invested in it. With a lot of work and some serious imagination, this event truly still has a wonderful sense of community.” 

Messenger by Julia M. Doughty

The 9th Annual Choice Art Show opens virtually on May 30 at 10 AM with a brick and mortar opening on Monday, June 1, at Shows on Maine Art Hill at 10 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk. The opening reception for the show is also virtual and is to be held on Maine Art Hill’s Facebook page at 5 PM on June 6. All are welcome to watch. 

Special Surfers by Heather Blanton

For more information about the show, visit, or call Maine Art at 207-967-0049 or email

The Artists in the 9th Annual Choice Art Show

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Heather Blanton

Karen Bruson

Julia M. Doughty

Dina Gardner

Ryan Kohler

Donald Rainville

Susan Tobey White