The Defining Influence of Color – Insights from Artist Charles Bluett

Color, without question a defining influence on all my works. Bright, monochrome, dark, or translucent color is the main feature of any work I create and the inspiration behind my work.

Not only is it a visual stimulus, but it’s also, very importantly, an emotional stimulus. Color can be felt, smelt, tasted and seen, and even on occasion heard. The resonance of a monochrome piece. The hum of a hummingbird. The invocation of memory in a season. These are where color is the largest part. Be that deep winter in all it sheds of Whites Grays, Black, and Brown, Or a late fall sky with its purple blues, and golden forests.

I feel color affects everyone in many different ways. I want my work to do precisely that. Engage the viewer and interpret their responses to what they see and what they feel and think. That is the connection of color for me.

All my works are based on what I see around me in Vermont and throughout the world ( when it’s OPEN!) as I travel.

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