The Dory – Artists Insights from Craig Mooney

Growing up in Manhatten, one wouldn’t think scenes of boats and the ocean would be what a young aspiring painter chooses as a theme, but for ten-year-old Craig Mooney, that is exactly what he did.

I painted this dory in third grade,” laughs Mooney. “It’s funny that I am still painting it. I am always trying to reimagine or revisit it.”

“As far as themes are concerned, one of the popular ones for me has been revisiting something I used to paint, sometimes almost forty years ago. For example, this little dory washed up on a beach, just a little skiff,” explains Mooney. “When I was a child growing up in an apartment in midtown Manhattan I had very little access to the beach. However, for some reason, this little boat was something I used to paint often.”

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