The Eggemoggin Reach Regatta – Insights from Artist William Hoyt

The Eggemoggin Reach Regatta is a wooden boat race held in Brooklin, Maine.  Humble in its beginnings the race now boasts over one hundred and twenty-five boats. One of which artist William B. Hoyt was happy to crew.

Black Watch and Santana

Hoyt is no stranger to the sea or the sail. He spends a great deal of time off the coast and is always up for days on the water. As hard as he works as crew, know that his camera is never too far from reach.

“The Eggemoggin Reach Regatta is always a great day. It’s a celebration of wooden boats and Maine history,” explains Hoyt. “In this show, there are two paintings with views from my perch on Raven 24 during the race. It was an amazing day to be out on the water.”

Both Approaching Windward Mark and Blackwatch and Santana are works in Hoyt’s 2018 Solo Show. They each show intense moments captured during the race. 

“We were just a tiny boat among giants, says Hoyt, “but it was so much fun. Watching the skill and stamina of these vessels as they compete is a rush.”

Hoyt’s love of sailing and all things ocean is seen often in his work. It is the highest compliment to transfer memories to canvas with paint, and Hoyt ’s understanding and respect of the sea show in his detail. Often called “photographic” in style his works are amazing.

The Eggemogin Reach Regatta is now co-hosted by Brooklin Boatyard and Rockport Marine. Organizer of the race first envisioned it as an opportunity for wooden boat owners to get to together and enjoy each other’s company as well as a bit of friendly competition. 

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