The First Fisherman – Artist Insights from David Witbeck

Artist David Witbeck has made many fishermen friends. He created them, literally and in art world terms, figuratively. They are his signature, whether it was the intention or not.

“When I started painting my fishermen fifteen or sixteen years ago, I made two sketches. One of a man holding a giant fish, and the other was of a man with a tiny fish in his gloved hands. At the time, I could keep the fish/fisherman thing going for fifty paintings, and then there would be a Last Fish painting,” shares Witbeck. “Several hundred fishermen later, I think I’ve said about all I can say about a guy holding a fish.”

Slim Pickens may be a study for that last fish painting…although I still get requests for them, who knows?” says Witbeck. “Slim Pickens is also one of the very few paintings set on the deck of a fishing boat. So I may be able to play with that idea a little bit more. We shall see.”

So how does he keep it fresh? For Witbeck, it is all about the angle and perspective.

“Many people comment on my perspective, the low point of view. To change it up, I try to have a high point of view. We all know eye level can get a little boring,” shares Witbeck. “I can make a boring situation look dramatic by going low or high or using a wide angle up close.”



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