The Making of a Mobile – Artist Insights from Mark Davis

As sculptor Mark Davis works, two aspects come into play. One is each piece’s actual craft and engineering, and the other is the overall concepts behind the body of work.

“As to the making of each piece, each is a small universe, using form and balance as an identity to achieve a fully three-dimensional sculpture that moves and changes as it does,” explains Davis. “I am playing with many ideas, but there is always a tremendous debt to Alexander Calder. His love of playfulness, movement, and spatial relationships are the foundation of what I do.”

From that foundation of Calder, Davis has expanded the field by working with color and fully formed shapes instead of flat cut-out shapes.

“A lot of times, I will finish a piece and think to myself…I like the direction in that. I like the tone. I like some of the new things I tried. But I would like to try a different approach,” shares Davis. ” This leads to and often becomes my next piece.”

“My more mature work is inspired by painters and sculptors I admire and learn from,” Davis says. “Playing constantly with color and form is the greatest joy in my life. And it is endless.”




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Mark Davis

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Mark Davis