The Morning After – William B. Hoyt, Artist Choice

William B. Hoyt is one of Maine Art Hills iconic artists. Many travels to see his new works and never are they disappointed.  We always love when he joins us for the Choice Show. He represents our gallery and all we hold dear, so well. His love of Maine, his need for quality art, and his ability to celebrate the little things in life make him a perfect match for Maine Art and the 7th Annual Choice Show.

When Hoyt chose The Morning After for his Artist Choice, there was no surprise for those of us who know and love him. This piece encompasses a small moment of happiness and contentment we often overlook. Memories were made at this table.

“This dining room is in a house perched overlooking the “thread of life” near Christmas Cove on Rutherford Island in Maine,” shares Hoyt. “My wife’s brother Tom had hosted a lobster dinner for friends from Gould Academy the night before.”

The detail and color are so perfect you can feel the contentment of a night well spent with family and friends. “The room faces east,” says Hoyt. ” It was just after sunrise and this poignant vision greeted me on my way to make tea.”

See…celebrating the small stuff.

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