There are Two Sides to Every Story – Claire Bigbee and Ingunn Joergensen

If there are indeed two sides to every story, these two fabulously talented local painters tell the story of Maine at its best.

Shows on Maine Art Hill is thrilled to host artists Ingunn Milla Joergensen and Claire Bigbee from July 30 to August 25. Starting at 10 AM Saturday, July 24, this dynamic duo fills the walls at 10 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk. In addition, there is an artist reception from 5 – 7 PM on July 30. 

“Both Joergensen and Bigbee joined the gallery at the same time. They live locally and share a common love of Maine,” says gallery owner John Spain. “Over time, not only have they grown as artists, they have grown into friends. It is not uncommon for Bigbee and Joergensen to travel to remote locations for an artist retreat. They often share ideas and inspiration as they paint side by side, seeing the same landscape, each painting their vision.”

Claire Bigbee loves color. Her palette changes depending on her subject, but the celebration of color is continuous. Her process responds to the atmosphere, the view, and the painting. She is not necessarily using formula when she mixes her paints and applies them to her canvas. As a result, she doesn’t create her palate the same way every time.

“Many of my paintings are about the juxtapositions of playing with color modules. I use color to create form rather than value and line,” explains Bigbee. “My brushwork isn’t hidden in carefully blended color transitions. It’s explosive. I put a color on my palette knife and fan it over the painting to find the right color harmonies. The painting stands between me, nature, and the viewer.”

For Joergensen, the scene recreated has softer brush strokes and a more neutral palette. The beauty of the Maine landscape, the constantly changing elements, and the ocean are never-ending sources of inspiration for all of Joergensen’s art and design work. For her, beauty is found in the most unexpected places.

“I see not so much in shapes or lines but patches of color. That may surprise many as I am known for a somewhat neutral palette in my work,” says Joergensen. “I do not strive to recreate the landscape in a photo-correct way, but rather the emotions it brings out. The transparency or translucency of it. I recreate my impressions simply, hopefully to the viewer, peaceful and contemplative.”  

This show varies from dawn to dusk, from rivers to the marsh, and of course, the ocean. These two artists spend a lot of time in these various places. It is where they breathe and reflect and share. These paintings are their emotional interpretations of those views.

Again, starting on Saturday, July 30, at 10 AM, the gallery at 10 Chase Hill welcomes the public to view and purchase these stunning celebrations of color and summer. Both artists will be at Shows on Saturday evening from 5 – 7 PM for an artist reception. They are excited to share their process, inspiration, and new works. The Artist Reception is a free event. All are welcome. This show runs until Thursday,  August 25. This gallery is open every day from 10 AM to 5 PM. FMI or 207-967-0049

Details for Claire Bigbee and Ingunn’s show follow this link

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