This Artist was Not Born. He was Created. – Artist Insights from Trip Park

Many of our artists much prefer to have their art speak for them rather than putting words to an art that favors sight rather than sound. Trip Park is one of those artists.

This is why you will find many more videos of Park’s work than stories. Every once in awhile, however, we do manage to get him to share a few words, as well. (see link at bottom to view)

“I actually hate talking about my work too much. It reminds me of those people in advertising  I used to know who went on and on about themselves,” shares Park. “I just prefer to let my work say everything for me.”

That being said… 

“I never wanted to paint. Never intended to be a painter,” Park says in a whisper voice hidden behind a hand, hoping no one hears. “In fact, while I was in advertising, I only ever did little thumbnails here and there. To top it off, I used magic markers, and someone paid me to do that. All was good.”

Later there were a few animation companies who did some commercials for the firm where Park worked.  

“They kept telling me to jump to the creative side and do more commercial artwork. This led me to do children’s books,” explains Park. “From there animation, and then to editorial cartoons. Finally, my wife suggested I try painting.”

Park remembered vividly how messy watercolor was when he first started doing editorial illustration and didn’t want to get messy again.

“At that point in time, I was able to paint on the Mac and then digitally send those files online to the clients and/or publishers. I was pretty happy to not think about getting into the mess of paints ever again,” continues Park. “But then my wife threw down the gauntlet. She challenged me to do just one painting.” 

It sold. He decided to try another. That one sold.

“Now, the real challenge is to just keep challenging myself. I paint things that don’t bore me. That’s why I have so many different subject matters,” laughs Park. “I would hate for someone to say ‘Trip paints X, Y or Z.’ I don’t want to be pinned down with one definable thing or another.”

 This is evident by browsing through Park’s work for his 2020 show.

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