Three Artists One Show – Bigbee, Bruson and Kohler in 2021

“If I could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.” –  Edward Hopper.

Maine Art Shows in Kennebunk describes summer in New England perfectly, but not in words, in paint.   This three artist show features the works of painters Claire Bigbee, Ryan Kohler, and Karen Bruson. It will run for three weeks, beginning July 3 at 10 AM. There is an opening artist reception, Saturday, August 12, from 5 to 7 PM. This is a wonderful time to meet the artists and enjoy these incredible works.

 “When putting a show together, we want the artist to compliment, but not compete with each other,” says gallery owner John Spain.  “Each of these three artists has distinctively different styles and subjects, but the show as a whole is a wonderfully cohesive body of work.”

With a talent for using oil and acrylic in her work, artist Claire Bigbee shares her love of Maine. A bit of a local celeb, she sees the familiar landscapes around her and recreates her vision in her own distinct and beautiful way. 

“My process is a response to the atmosphere, the view, and the painting. I am not so concerned about the rendering of the piece,” says Bigbee. “It is something behind the view that drives me to return to nature. The river and marsh have always struck me. There is something in the wind, like a warm breath. It moves through the tall marsh grasses, and the birds swoon in flocks, not missing a beat. The sky is so vast, and pregnant clouds shadow the marsh and river.  It is breathtaking and mysterious and leaves me wordless.”

The second artist is Artist Karen Bruson. She is relatively new to Maine Art Hill but not to the art world. After receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts, she spent several years as an illustrator and graphic designer for New Hampshire Magazine. She then continued her creative exploration by becoming a Daily Painter and administrator of a Daily Painting website, Fresh Paint Daily Painters. 

“My artwork comes from the visual connection I have with common, everyday objects and places. I am inspired by the way light falls upon a subject, casting rich dark shadows, and I aspire to simplify the nuances within those darks,” explains Bruson. “Painting for me is a life-long journey of observations and a representational translation of my surroundings.”

Artist Ryan Kohler completes this dynamic trio for Maine Art Hill. A true Maine boy, Kolher paints, and tapes and scrapes, his canvases with the wonders of this crazy beautiful state. Looking at flora and fauna as well as buildings and boats, Kohler embraces his process and finds beauty in what many overlook. 

“My process is evolving a little bit. The main meat and potatoes of my work is definitely still painting and continue to be acrylic paint, but I’m starting to incorporate the use of tape and markers and objects,” he explains. “I’m basically treating my canvas like a collage with more emphasis on the painting part than the collage part.”

This show opens Saturday, July 3 at 10 AM and runs until July 22. The doors open at 10 AM.  The artists have so much to share, and they look forward to discussing their work and process at the artist opening from 5-7 on opening day. Shows on Maine Art Hill is at 10 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk. Open daily, 10 AM to 5 PM. FMI visit or call 967-0043.


To see Bigbee’s 2021  Show, Click the link below