Topside Galley – William B. Hoyt

Hoyt_Topside Galley_oil_15x23

William B. Hoyt  captures the heart of the sea and the sail like no other. The water moves along his brush strokes and carries you away. Even for a land lover the lure of the ocean is hard to resist when visiting with William’s work.

In “Topside Galley” the details transport you to Maine. Fresh strawberries. The lobster pot. The tiny coastal town in the distance. The artist himself tells it best.  “’Topside Galley’ celebrates and contemplates a moment from last summer on a friend’s converted lobster boat just as the sun is going down, and we are anchored for the night. The water’s on the boil for dinner and for this moment all is right in this simple world. If only I could paint the susurration of water lapping at the hull; so peaceful.”

To be able to recreate, not only the image contained inside a memory, but the emotion tangled around it is a skill.  Attaining it takes a love for the place and the time, and of course, a love of the art.

Come in to Maine Art Shows and see all three of Hoyt’s Choice Art Show pieces. The show opens on June 13. You can also find his work at Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture and on his Artist Page at