Twenty Years Deserves Twenty Days – 20th Anniversary of Maine Art

“Twenty years deserves twenty days,” says John Spain, owner of Maine Art.

Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture is marking twenty years of fine art in the Kennebunks with their 20th Anniversary Show. Thirty-three artists, past and present, are honoring this accomplishment with one-of-a-kind pieces to commemorate the occasion. The show opens on July 22nd at Maine Art Shows and will run through August 10th.

The artists at Maine Art are some of the finest in the area. Each has a distinctive style, but all have a connection to Maine. Amy Lewia, Gallery Director, is excited about the extensive collection of work, but for her it is more. “This show has a lot of meaning, and we love the idea of bringing all of these artists together to celebrate with us, sharing new work alongside memories from the last twenty years.”

David Witbeck

Natalie Lane, the Gallery Manager, agrees with Lewia wholeheartedly. “We have, and have had, an incredible amount of talent here. It will be exciting to see the works of present and past artists together under one roof.” Many mediums and styles will be represented. Sculpture to canvas, acrylic to oil, and abstract to absolutely everything else. “It will certainly make for an impressive show,” says Lane.

Maine Art has two galleries here in Kennebunk. Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture, at 14 Western Avenue, and Maine Art Shows, found up the hill at 10 Chase Hill Road. Each will be hosting events throughout the three-week period. Artist visits are scheduled, demonstrations will take place at both galleries, and artist talks are planned on-site and at a variety of local businesses.

Gretchen Huber Warren Janis Sanders

“It all begins on July 22 with the biggest opening reception party Maine Art has ever thrown,” says Spain. “There will be music, food, and of course, art.”  The reception will be from 5-7 PM. Additional events are posted on Maine Art’s online calendar. “We have a great deal to be thankful for here. Our goal is to truly celebrate our artists, our customers, and our community every day for these twenty days.”

Spain and his staff have filled the weeks with events for all to enjoy, but his true focus is on the show itself. “This show is important for many reasons, not the least of which is the significance of the work. To commemorate our 20th anniversary we asked each of the participating artists to supply us with that one painting they feel is their best work from the last twelve months,” reminds Spain. “They have delivered.”

When John Spain first came to town in 1991, it was as the new owner of Kennedy Studios, a small gallery focused mostly on framing and prints. In three years’ time, one gallery became two, but it wasn’t until 1997 that he took the name Maine Art. In 2000, he built the new gallery space on Western Avenue, then later branded the two galleries together as one entity.

Susan Wahlrab

“The Kennebunks are an amazing place to visit, but an even greater place to work and live,” says Spain. He gives credit to the support of this community throughout the years as a reason behind his success. “I love it here. It’s home.”

The 20th Anniversary Show will open at Maine Art Shows at 11 AM on July 22nd. The gallery is open 11 AM to 5 PM daily. FMI visit or call 207-967-0049. The online 36o° virtual tour will be available Friday evening on the top of the show page. Click here to view it.

Participating Artists Include – Kate Adams, Christine Brenner, Annie Burnett Hidell, Christopher Castelli, Sandra L. Dunn, Alex Dunwoodie, Jeffrey T. Fitzgerald, William Fothergill, Philip Frey, Margaret GerdingEdward Gordon, Ellen W. Granter, Ed Hicks, Liz Hoag, William B. Hoyt, Rebecca Kinkead, Karen McManus, Craig Mooney, Scott Moore, Elizabeth Ostrander, Trip Park, Denise Patchell Olson, Barbara Jones Peabody, Tom Puschock, James Rivington Pyne, Holly Ready, Janis H. Sanders, Carol Sebold, Jill Valliere, Susan Wahlrab, Gretchen Huber Warren, Abbie Williams and David Witbeck.

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