Week Four of Spring Arrivals 2023 – Joergensen, Mozzone, and Jacobson

Ingunn Milla Joergensen

Michele Poirier Mozzone

David Jacobson 

Week Four of Spring Arrivals

March 26 – April 1

The work of three Maine Art Hill artists arrive for Week Four of Spring Arrivals. Below you will see a thumbnail of each piece. Click to make it larger. Works from these three artists are available online and at the main gallery at 14 Western Ave in Kennebunk. Come by or call 207-967-2803. Links to their artist’s pages, where you can see all their work are at the bottom.

MARCH 27 – Ingunn Milla Joergensen

Joergensen works in layers, adding paint, scraping off, and often mixing the colors directly on the canvas. Being extremely tactile, she often paints with her bare hands.

Dapples of Color and Light 36 x 36 Oil with Gold Leaf on Canvas
Spring Barns 36×36 Oil and Metal Leaf on Canvas

“I find that I simplify more and more. This is because so much clutter and noise surround us – I can breathe by paring down to the bare essentials,” shares Joergensen. “The spaces in between…where nothing happens, are almost more important. It puts the rest into perspective. I am working towards my paintings being a mental pause for the viewer. If I suggest half the story, the rest is up to them. I spend a lot of time meditating. Therefore, approaching the same subject over and over becomes like meditative prose. Every time I try to get closer to the subject’s essence, or the soul.”

MARCH 30 – Michele Poirier Mozzone

One exceptionally beautiful afternoon at the pool in 2011, I was struck by the ribbons of sunlight and distortions affecting my daughter through the moving water. I was also keenly aware of catching this lovely, brief moment with her before it flicks by. So I grabbed the camera and took numerous photos of her in the water to find inspiration for a new painting. I have drawn and painted all my life, but that was the beginning of the Fractured Light series, an exploration that excites and fascinates me today.

The Lookout 20×20 Oil Canvas

In these works, I pair my dual interests in figurative imagery and colorful abstraction to create paintings that capture the unique feeling and distinct associations of the body suspended in water and time. This series allows me to paint what I love – the figure – while exploring areas of fluid distortion that exist naturally in turbulent, sunlight-drenched water. Water lends meaning to the work as a vehicle for life, cleansing, change, renewal, and death. I find this unique atmosphere extraordinary.

MARCH 31 – David Jacobson

David Jacobson makes hand-blown and kiln-formed glass utilizing contemporary designs based on the Venetian tradition. In addition, Jacobson makes brightly colored functional objects, such as bowls, glasses, vases, platters, and sculptural forms.

Hot Formed Bird -Chartreuse Teal 2.5×7.75×2 Glass
Hot Formed Bird – Burnt Orange 2.25x9x2.25 Glass


Hot Formed Bird -Chartreuse Blue 3.75×8.25×2


+ We are offering Free Delivery and Installation (within 100 miles of Maine Art Hill) for Reflections by David Jacobson

Reflections 40x 36×36 in. Murrini Glass with Wood Pedestal

Reflections is made up of two kiln formed white glass cane pieces resting on a square piece of black glass with a white wooden base. Due to its fragility, this piece cannot be shipped so we are happy to deliver and install for free within 100 miles of Maine Art Hill.

“I employ contemporary colors with classical forms to create a unique expression in each piece. Texture and vibrant color combinations are vital; my pieces are meant to be touched, explored, and viewed. For me, making glass is an honor.”

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