Week Six of Spring Arrivals 2023 – PHOTOGRAPHY DeSena, Pecchia, Schiff-Verre


Natalya DeSena

Bob Pecchia

Gabe Schiff-Verre

Week Six of Spring Arrivals

April 9 to April 15

The new work of three Maine Art Hill photographers is available for Week Six of Spring Arrivals. Below you will see a thumbnail of each new piece. Click to make it larger. Works from these three photographers are available online and at the PHOTOGRAPHY gallery at 5 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk. Signed prints are on high-quality metal, available in various sizes, and drop-shipped to your address for free this week only. Come by or call 207-967-2803. Links to their artist pages, where you can see all their work, are at the bottom.

April 10 – Natalya DeSena

A visual explorer and avid adventurer, Natalya seeks to share what inspires her most through her landscape prints. She strives to capture the natural beauty of mother nature in Maine and afar. Natalya brings serenity, wonderment, and adventure into your home and life through these artfully curated photographs.

Spring Point Light House

Natalya’s natural and organic photography style focuses on genuine emotion and light. When she’s not capturing the beauty of nature, she’s photographing weddings and families throughout New England. She was born and raised in New York City, and her family moved to Maine in 2002. She attended the University of Colorado at Boulder and moved back to Maine in 2015. She lives in South Portland, Maine, with her husband and three dogs.

APRIL 13 – Bob Pecchia

“My primary focus has been on landscape, seascape, and cityscape images. It is not only the taking of the photographs I find so intriguing and rewarding, but perhaps more so are the discoveries one makes in the process,” shares photographer Bob Pecchia. “There is the continuous searching, the visiting, and revisiting of scenes. Then there is looking for when the best lighting may be, weather conditions, or which seasons may be more suitable for a particular scene. While some situations may present themselves relatively quickly, it can take years to get that one image you were hoping to capture.”



Looking Out


Tranquility, Black and White


Tranquility, Color

“Along the way, I also found myself getting into wildlife photography, something I never really considered an interest, but it has become an extremely enjoyable part of what I do,” says Pecchia. “A challenge  to one’s patience for sure, but the exposure to this natural world around us is priceless.”

APRIL 14 – Gabe Schiff-Verre

Gabe is a Maine native and has been photographing scenes from New England and around the world for over 20 years. Through an emphasis on rich detail, dynamic color, and light, Gabe brings the viewers’ awareness to the suspended beauty of our Earth.

Acadia Above
Wall of Light

His images are a constant reminder that, amidst the raging storm of life, solitude can be found in the eye of the natural world. Most recently, Gabe has been pointing a camera up at the night sky, furthering the exploration of these quietly powerful spaces and our place among them.

Click the links below to see all these pieces and other work from these talented artists.

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