Week Three of Spring Arrivals 2023 – Davis, LeCours and McManus

Mark Davis, John LeCours

Karen McManus

Week Three of Spring Arrivals

March 19-25

Three Maine Art Hill artists arrive for Week Three of Spring Arrivals. Below you will see a thumbnail of each piece. Click to make it larger. Works from these three artists are available online and at the main gallery at 14 Western Ave in Kennebunk. Come by or call 207-967-2803. Links to their artist’s pages, where you can see all their work are at the bottom.

MARCH 20 – Mark Davis

The materials for my mobiles are simple. I use sheet metals of different weights and materials, steel being the heaviest, brass, and aluminum being the lightest. Flat sheet metal is formed by traditional silversmithing methods, using hammers and forming tools. The balancing is done by intuition at first, and then as the piece progresses, I can fine-tune the balance so that the result comes as close as possible to my original vision. Initially, I envisioned the various elements floating in space, relating to, but not anchored to, the earth. By completion, each piece becomes its own very personal universe.

A Beginning 9x8x3.5 Standing Mobile, Brass and Steel Wires, Oil and Acrylic Colors with 23kt Gold Leaf
Arrival 4×6.5×4 Standing Mobile in Brass with Steel Wires, Oil, and Acrylic Colors.
Burst of Energy 12 x-9 x 3.5 Standing Mobile in Brass and Aluminum with Steel Wires, Oil, and Acrylic Colors
Understated Classic 8.5×5.5×2 Standing Mobile in Brass with Steel Wires, Oil, and Acrylic Colors with 23k Gold Leaf

Through abstract shapes, I play with the concepts of space and relationship. My ideas come from organic life, the human form, and the external landscape while deeply reflecting my internal landscape and dialogue. The work is playful, joyful, and constantly changing; that is how I see and experience life in all its complexities.


MARCH 23 – John LeCours

My central aim in painting is to create beautiful imagery. My creative process centers on a direct and intuitive response to nature and its elements in the tradition of JMW Turner and James Abott MacNeil Whistler. I hope to evoke a response in the viewer to these experiences.

Portsmouth Tugs at Twilight #18, 10 x 20 in Oil on Canvas
Tango at Twilight #9, 10 x 20 in Oil on Canvas

John takes inspiration from the natural beauty of his native New England. “I have been very fortunate and humbled by my success as an artist, and I take none of it for granted as the Art World and Art Market can be very fickle and can change instantly. But, most importantly, my paintings have allowed me to form lasting friendships with collectors across the United States and Canada.


MARCH 24 – Karen McManus

Painting in Maine presents an ongoing drama of incredible landscapes and seascapes in almost any weather imaginable. Working from an antique cape in Acton, Maine, with views into adjoining New Hampshire, Karen is influenced by her surrounding gardens, long open views, and any small detail lying in wait to spark her interest and call her artistry to task.

A July Day, Watercolor, 5 x 8 in
In the Moment, Oil on Canvas, 10 x 10 x 0.75 in
No One’s Listening to Me!, Oil on Canvas, 14 x 11 x 1.50 in
Reflections, Oil on Canvas, 8 x 10 x 1.50 in

It is the juxtaposition of light that inspires Karen’s realistic works. Each painting is an individual mental puzzle to be worked through. Combining realistic detail with the imagery created by color and light gives each painting a life of its own. In addition, her miniatures offer a microscopic view of the broader vision surrounding us.

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