When Big Canvases Get Small – Insights from Artist Craig Mooney

When most of our clients think about Craig Mooney, they think big. He is known for his large canvases that barely can contain the New England skies and shores. When he showed up for this solo show with fourteen 12 x 12 pieces, we knew something fun was about to happen.

“The little ones are studies in reverse,” says Mooney. “They are complete paintings, just small.”

Usually, an artist makes a study to see how the colors are going to play out. Then they scale up. Mooney has taken a large painting he had already completed and scaled-down.

 Breezy Bay Islands 60x60

“Regarding the 12 x 12’s, most cases, I already know they work large, but what I don’t know is how they work small,” admits Mooney. “This was a real challenge for me. I paint large, it what I do. Even my brushes are large. When I have so much space, I can solve problems easily. Here, I am almost claustrophobic. I have to say a lot in a little space. The small pieces have to be as compelling as the large pieces. For me, that is hard to do.”

Breezeway 12x12

The islands in the big and beautiful 60 x 60, Breezy Bay Islands are found again in the smaller Breezeways. Likewise, is the Dory.

Dory 12x12

“I have been painting these boats since I was a child. They continue to reappear throughout my life and career,” shares Mooney. “Beach Shack is a return to that childhood theme. Whether the dory represents safety or escape, I am unsure. They are just always with me.”

Beach Shack 42x42

We welcome you to wander around Shows on Maine Art Hill up at 10 Chase Hill Road. It is a quiet and relaxed space that allows the viewer time and peace to absorb the work and the stories. Mooney’s Show runs until August 8. Visit from 10 am to 5 pm every day. FMI call 207-967-0049 or visit CRAIG MOONEY”S ONLINE SHOW to see the show virtually.

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