Whitaker Celebration at Maine Art

On Saturday, July 29th we commemorated ten years working with Lyman Whitaker and his amazing kinetic Wind Sculptures. The gallery on Western Ave was filled to the brim with new and past customers, happy to have the opportunity to meet the artist behind the sculptures so many have taken home and treasure. We wandered among the sculptures filling Lower Village with a celebration not soon to be forgotten.

We were thrilled to have Lyman Whitaker and his wife, Stacy, join us here in Kennebunk for a couple days.  It had been a few years since their last visit, and they thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the coast of Maine again.

Whitaker’s sculptures have been surrounding both Maine Art Gallery and Maine Art Shows for ten years.  They have become a landmark for Lower Village, Kennebunk and a wonder for tourists and locals alike. From three feet to twenty-eight feet tall, our “Wind Forest” is filled with all forty-four styles in multiple sizes.


Whitaker is widely respected for the sophistication of his Wind Sculptures. Since the 1980’s he has focused his artistic ability on gracefully capturing the spirit of the wind through his kinetic art. Together with his wife Stacy and brother John, he has built a creative partnership based on complementary talents. Lyman dedicates his work to the wind and weather. He hopes above all that his sculptures will inspire love for our earth’s thin, moving layer of air – it warms us, gives us breath and sustains our being

If you haven’t been to Kennebunk or haven’t visited in a while, please come see us and spend some time among the sculptures. It is a lovely way to spend some of your time in Maine. FMI visit http://kennebunkportwindsculptures.com or call the gallery at 207-967-2803.

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