White House Blue Roof – Bethany Harper Williams Fall Favorite on Maine Art Hill

Bethany Harper Williams | White House Blue Roof | Oil on Canvas | 38″ X 48″ | $3900
“Part of the new series I’ve been exploring, Near and Far,  is where I crop off something large and usually graphic in the foreground, then have some detail that pulls the eye to the background,” explains artist Bethany Harper Williams. “I love the contrast of the bold, architectural, graphic, simplistic feel of the house with the serene, calm feel of the water and the activity of the kids on the beach.”
Harper knows this house is simplistic yet still representative of many beach houses, especially here in Maine.
“The shadows on the building add to the sense of light of the sunny day. It feels like you are right there on the beach,” shares Williams. “The monochromatic feel of the color palette creates a calmness, but the viewer is drawn into the kids’ playfulness and their colorful bathing suits.”
As with Bethany’s works, one can almost hear the laughter as the waves roll on the beach!
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