White Light – Liz Hoag, Artist Choice

White Light

In the fall of 2015, artist Liz Hoag joined Maine Art. She filled our gallery space with her classic Tangle series and the rest is history.  With Acadia National Park as one of her favorite wandering sites, this Portland-based artist finds the quiet and classic Maine and replicates it in a way we all can enjoy.

Each piece of Hoag’s features nature and light interacting in a way that provides a new and different perspective on the normal surroundings of the natural world. Mother Nature often illuminates her creations in a way only few stop to notice.  Liz Hoag is one of those few.

“In all of my work the light is critical to the feeling, but in this one, the light itself is the focus,”  shares Hoag on White Light, her Artist Choice piece. “I focused on balance and composition like I always do. The late afternoon glare on the water, however,  is what struck me when I made the decision to paint it. The rest became secondary.”

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