Why Just Paint? – Artist Insights from Ryan Kohler


July 22 – August 16

5 Chase Hill Rd. Kennebunk, Maine 04043

When asked when a painting is ready for collage is a tough one for artist Ryan Kohler. Ideally, a painting has to be perfect before collage even comes on the scene.

“I am still a painter at heart,” explains Kohler. “I spend a lot of time painting the initial colors, making sure my value structure and color design are as good as possible. I respond to a piece of work a great deal while putting paint on canvas. Some paintings want to be more painterly and loose, and others more graphic.”

Either way, they have to be the best they can be before Kohler starts to add anything more. Shortcuts in the painting process are not an option.

“I’m trying to be extra cautious about remembering where my light source is coming from. This mattered less to me in years past, but now it has become so important,” says Kohler.  “My subject matter continues to be the things I find most interesting regarding shape and color. Umbrellas, crosswalks, yellow cabs, duck boots, beach gulls, harbor boats and deer.”

In the end, both pieces of his artistic puzzle are important. One does not succeed without the other.

Kohler’s 2023 Solo Summer Show is on Maine Art Hill at 5 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk until August 16. It is a must-visit if you have not seen Kohler’s work in person. His collage-like process is fascinating and worth a trip to Kennebunk.

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