William B. Hoyt – Hawaiian Waves

Hoyt_Wave I

Hawaiian Waves – Moluahah Bay, Kauai

“I’ll tell you something about these waves…

Hawaiian waves are much more powerful than waves on the East Coast. They are coming out of water that is 10,000 feet deep.  When they approach the land, the land isn’t shoaled. There are no shallows. The islands are basically mountains, and they are a 70 degree angle. They go to the bottom of the sea. When these things feel the bottom, they’re feeling the bottom just before they break. A six foot wave has power.”

Hoyt_Study for Wave

This is where he starts to chuckle, as does his wife, Kathy, whose desk is within earshot. “I have surfed on the East Coast, and I have bodysurfed in Hawaii with a boogie board. And that is a story.”

Each time a new story starts, Hoyt takes a second to reflect on the memory. In his mind the images come back coupled with the senses that complete the scene.

“We were at a beach on Kauai, and this wave picked me up and just drove me down into the sand. It basically crammed my head into my neck,” he begins to stammer in recollection.  “So, I was standing there with stars in my eyes, holding my head, when I hear these twelve-year-old boys next to me say, ‘Boy did you see that old guy just get barreled?’ “

“Oh, I got barreled—wicked.”

Hoyt_Right Wave

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Hoyt’s one-man show will be running through September 5 at Maine Art Shows in Kennebunk. We are open from 11am – 5pm every day. Please come by and visit.

You can also view his entire show online at William Hoyt at Maine Art Shows.


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