William B. Hoyt on Sunset at Cuttyhunk – An Artist’s Choice

Hoyt_Sunset in Cuttyhunk

William B. Hoyt is an artist. He has always been an artist. He works with his hands and with his eyes and with his heart. His medium may change from the paint and brush we know and love, to film or digital photography, or even to a hammer and wood as he built his home and studio in Vermont. He has been fortunate in his life to be able to find and create and reproduce the beauty in the world around him.

Hoyt is a wanderer and an adventurer. He has more stories to tell than most, and he remembers in details as vibrant as his canvases. It is rare to find him without a camera around his neck snapping these moments that just cannot be forgotten. An artist sees the world through different eyes, and Hoyt has trouble not stopping to capture each scene he may someday commit to paint. “Images are everywhere,” says Hoyt with a grin. As an outsider, it is difficult not to wonder if his need to stop and snap ever gets in the way. However, Hoyt laughs when asked about it. “It never gets in the way,” he says perplexed. “It is the way.”

And so it was the way when the idea for Sunset at Cuttyhunk was born. ” I took a number of photographs on a friend’s boat last summer at the island of Cuttyhunk.”  Cuttyhunk is the westernmost island of the Elizabethan Islands that stretch from Woodshole, Massachusetts.  “We were relaxing in the harbor as the sun set after a day of boating.  Shouts of joy, excitement, and surprise came from young islanders jumping off the town pier into the refreshing salt water,” Hoyt remembers.  “They stood as if mounted on the pilings. They struck me as being like Greek statues of idyllic youth.”

This one painting is a combination of many photographs from this trip. Hoyt takes the best details of each, combines and overlaps until they become one memory, one work of art. “When the sailboat actually did glide past this scene in front of the old coast guard station,” says Hoyt, “it certainly was a time to be remembered.”

Sunset at Cuttyhunk is part of the Choice Art Show and will be on display at Maine Art Shows at 10 Chase Hill in Kennebunk until June 30th. Please stop in any day from 11am – 5pm to see the show in its entirety starting Saturday, June 11th.  The show is also available to view online by clicking here. Choice Art Show.


To read more about William B.Hoyt and his work at Maine Art click here.

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