William B. Hoyt on “Underway”


“A few years ago, a friend of mine, Frank, bought this amazing boat. He and his brother sailed it over from Europe.  She was built for the North Sea, so she’s a hearty vessel. Crossing over is a real learning process, but Frank is a very brave man.

This particular trip was in late September/early October, and started in Northeast Harbor on Mount Desert Island, Maine. We were headed to the most beautiful place, Roque Island. We entered in through the little islands you see in the distance, and we found ourselves in this perfectly calm water. In front of us was a mile of white sand beach which is very atypical of in Maine.

The island belongs to the Gardner family. They have keepers who live there. It is now a working farm; animals and horses and beautiful buildings.  They are happy to have boats anchor and go on the beach, but at the wooded line it becomes private.

This particular image was from our last morning, and the sun was just coming up through the scrim of cloud. We were underway – chugging out. The sea ducks were taking off,  barely skimming the surface. It is an incredible, undisturbed spot.”


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