Witbeck Revisited – Artist Insights from David Witbeck

When an artist is as recognizable as David Witbeck, having him reconsider what worked a few years ago is always a welcome surprise. Be prepared to see a few familiar faces and friends.

“This year, I revisited some earlier ideas. Iggy, the fisherman in the boat with the larger-than-life fish, and Taking Out, a similar fisherman but with an entire basket of fish, are themes I haven’t done for a few years. So I thought I’d give them another try now that I’m a better painter,” laughs Witbeck.

For Witbeck, every painting, every class, every sketch makes him a better painter. The kicker…we reap the benefits of all that hard work. His willingness to share some of that process with us makes the “better” all the better.

Another piece that Witbeck revisited is Bustling Harbor from last year’s show. Below you will see Bustling Harbor centered between two new pieces.

“The two Downeast Geometry paintings are a bit of a spinoff of the large Bustling Harbor from last year’s show,” shares Witbeck. “Sometimes, after creating a complex painting, I dissect it for smaller paintings.”

Late to Work is also a spinoff from Bustling Harbor with the man on the ladder becoming the main subject,” explains Witbeck. “He is more front and center than just something to complete a painting corner.”

It is so amazing to see how each piece has morphed from Bustling Harbor. Even though the original was sold during last year’s show, there are many new pieces that embrace the heart of this popular piece. It is also available as a print if your heart is set on the original composition.


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