February in the Kennebunks – Paint the Town Red

For the love of red.

February is for celebrating here in the Kennebunks. Even though it’s cold outside, it is warm in the heart of the Kennebunks. For the entire month, there are fun activities, special deals, and wonderful events going on in and around Kennebunk and Kennebunkport.

Here at Maine Art Hill, we are adding to the celebration with our annual Framing Sale. Any custom framing is 25% off for the entire month of February. This is the time to go visit Studios on Maine Art Hill and pop your head in to see Louann and Taylor at Custom Prints and Framing. Both of these lovely ladies are masters at making your keepsakes, prints, and photographs into beautiful heirlooms to be passed on for generations.  Click here to read more about the Frame Shop or call 207-204-2042 to speak with one of our staff.

Whether you are a local or traveling to visit, the month of February is a wonderful time for a getaway. Check out the links below to learn more about Painting the Town Red.

The Kennebunk/Kennebunkport Chamber of Commerce

An incredible article from the Portland Press Herald containing many highlights

Updates from the Kennebunk Resort Collection  – hotels and restaurants

A few local insights from destinationkennebunkport.com


It starts tonight with a great kick-off event!

Igloo Lounge Launch Party 

Saturday, February 1, 2020, at The Boathouse Waterfront Hotel + Restaurant | 7-10 pm

Join us for the kick-off event of Kennebunkport’s Paint the Town Red month! Enjoy a winter wonderland of custom decorated igloos, light snacks, and the ultimate dance party with DJ Haylstorm. Ticket includes one welcome drink. Cash bar available as well. *Open to adults 21 years of age or older. Proper ID is required at the door.*

Tickets are $65 per person online.

Tickets still available click here








Seasonal Show Schedule for Maine Art Hill 2020 – Planning Ahead 

It is 2020! Holy Moly!

As the start of a new decade is upon us we wanted to take a minute and fill you in on the fun and excitement of Maine Art Hill’s 2020 Seasonal Show Schedule. Calendars book up quickly, and we wanted to give you a first look at what is in store for The Hill this coming summer. 

The first show of the season is the Spring Show. This has quickly become a tradition and is our way of welcoming spring to the Kennebunks.  This year, Kennebunk’s own Kathy Ostrander Roberts will fill the newly remodeled first floor of The Gallery at 14 Western Ave.


 Her incredible encaustics are the perfect way to begin what is sure to be a fantastic summer.  To see our present collection of Kathy’s work click here.

The Show Gallery opens on Saturday. May 30. Yes that is early, The Choice Show will again open the season for the gallery at 10 Chase Hill Road, but this will be an all-new format, so we wanted to get a head start on summer. Here is a hint….all new artists. This show will run until Thursday, June 25. 

Here we just want to throw in this shameless plug for the Third Annual Maine Art Hill Block Party. On June 5, Friday evening, during the Kennebunkport Festival, we will be “roaring” into the summer of 2020. Stay tuned for details and check out The Kennebunkport Festival website for updated info and ticket information. 

Ellen Welch Granter, Trip Park, and Bethany Harper Williams, and start our first of three three-artist shows, The Triple Trifecta.  On Saturday, June 27, these three artists will host their first-ever show together. We are thrilled to be able to see their winter’s worth of work on the walls at Shows.  This show will run until Thursday, July 16. Click on any of the artist names above to see our present collection of their work.

Next up Margaret Gerding and William B. Hoyt will take over 10 Chase Hill Rd.  This dynamic duo opens on Saturday, July 18 and wraps up on Thursday, August 6. These two artists will provide the perfect contrasting display of all things Maine. From Hoyt’s explicate detail to Gerding’s sweeping strokes color, The Show Gallery will be in its glory.  Both of these artists are continually adding new work to the gallery, yet these new pieces often move quickly. Click their names above to see our present collections, and watch for an announcement of any new work.

To celebrate August we have put together Jill Matthews, Janis Sanders, and Ingunn Milla Joergensen. Again, another trio to celebrate the sea and sky and serenity. Beginning on Saturday, August 8 and running just a bit longer until Labor Day. This will be the last show of the season for our Show Gallery at 10 Chase Hill Rd.

Claire Bigbee, Liz Hoag, and Julie Houck will bring in the fall season at 14 Western Ave. Beginning Saturday, August 29 with the opening. This trio of Maine women will be celebrating together for the first time as well, by bringing Maine outdoors to the first floor of The Gallery. This show will hang as a collection until Thursday, September 24.

Because sometimes we just can’t get enough, we are happy to announce a second fall show at The Gallery this year. Craig Mooney will help us in hosting a solo autumn show opening on Saturday, September 26. This show will run through late October. As always Mooney promises his classics mixed in with new work with subjects sure to surprise. Click here to see our present collection of Mooney’s work. 

For the third year in a row, we will also be hosting The Pink Show at the Pop Up Gallery at 5 Chase Hill in Studios. The entire month of October will turn The Hill pink and promote the Real Men Wear Pink campaign with the American Cancer Society. Including our 2nd Annual Hope on the Hill celebration on Saturday, October 10 at Studios.


Remember most shows open on Saturdays at 10:00 am, with Artist Receptions that evening. Our average show runs for three weeks, but be aware of dates for spring and fall shows which can run a bit longer. 

That is it…so far. 

Keep us in mind while deciding on which weeks to visit the Kennebunks. Of course, we would love to have you with us all summer, but we know for some of you that’s not possible. 

We will do our best to keep you up to date on all the goings-on. Add your name to our email list for reminders. We’ll keep your information private and won’t inundate your inbox. The best way to keep current on all the events for this season is to join our email list and follow us on social media if you don’t already.


Kathy Ostrander Roberts

May 9 to June 6 at The Gallery at 14 Western Ave


9th Annual Choice Show  

May 30 to June 25 Shows at Shows at 10 Chase Hill Road



MAH Block Party Roaring 20’s Theme

June 5 at Maine Art Hill

Maine Art Hill Kennebunkport Festival Event 


Trip Park, Bethany Harper Williams, and Ellen Welch Granter

June 27 to July 16 at Shows at 10 Chase Hill Rd


Margaret Gerding and William B. Hoyt

July 18 to August 6 at Shows at 10 Chase Hill Rd


Jill Matthews, Janis Sanders, and Ingunn Milla Joergensen

August 8 to September 7 at Shows at 10 Chase Hill Rd


Claire Bigbee, Liz Hoag, and Julie Houck

August 29 to September 24 at The Gallery at 14 Western Ave


Craig Mooney

September 26 to October 26 at The Gallery at 14 Western Ave


The Pink Show

October 1 to October 31 at The Pop Up at Studios at 5 Chase Hill Rd.


Hope on the Hill

October 10 at Studios at 5 Chase Hill Rd

Pop-Up with markpizzaArt 2020

Featured Artist, Mark Pizza is the guest artist for Pop-Up beginning Tuesday, June 2 to June 8. Read on to learn more about his inspiration, his process, and his work.

June 2 to June 8

“Growing up in New England, I have always been drawn to the power of nature but after moving to New York City, the city lifestyle had an enormous impact on my creative process. Creating a visual that can capture energy in a fleeting moment is what I hope to communicate. My work is rooted in photography with a contemporary approach; I incorporate a digital overlay technique of layering multiple images that results in a collaged effect.  I produce my images by using various traditional and digital photographic processes which are then printed on materials such as metal, acrylic, canvas, watercolor paper, and textiles.”

“The work I create represents my life, my experiences, and my evolution as an artist over the years. My work incorporates visuals of both city and rural landscapes with personal touches applied throughout each scene. My inspiration is based on capturing moments in time which are interpreted with the use of color, texture, shapes, light, and motion. Each piece reflects an influential moment or feeling that has occurred during my life and I hope to inspire my viewers to engage with their own moment of reflection.”

Mark Pizza is an expert in combining multiple photographic memories to create multilayered, surrealistic experiences. Pizza aims to evoke multiple responses, questions, and emotions from his viewers; calling his process a digital overlay technique to create a collage effect. Pizza’s final compositions range in size and are printed on a variety of materials, all dependent on the narrative and message of his work.

Pizza’s work is inspired by life events, as well as deep-rooted memories. Having lived in both rural and urban environments, Pizza translates his experiences into each piece which then represents an influential moment or feeling that occurred; his hope is to hold onto his memories, even as time passes, and to provoke his viewers to reflect on their lives, as well as further understand their sense of self.

For more info about markpizzaArt check out the following links: 




Thoughts for A New Year from Artist Jill Matthews

As the holidays come to a close and January hits us with its full force of resolutions, early sunsets, and cold weather, we thought it was a good time to share what artist Jill Matthews is doing to keep her flow going this winter, and year-round.

Many of us know Matthews as an artist and a mom with a passion for where she lives. What many do not know, she is a runner, marathoner, RCCA certified running coach, soon to be USATF certified coach and creator of SISU MAINE.

“I created SISU MAINE to share my love of running and the power which it hold,” shares Matthews. “It is more than just a website, it was created as a place to become inspired, supported, and ultimately evolved.”

By definition…

SISU (n.) Extraordinary determination, courage, and resoluteness in the face of adversity.  An action mindset that enables individuals to see beyond their present limitations and into what might be.  Reaching beyond observed capacities, Sisu is an integral element of Finnish culture and a universal capacity for which the potential exists within all.

“I love running.  Like a loyal friend, it has drifted in and out of my life at varying intensities but has always been there.  No matter where life takes me it’s something I can count on. It lifts me and makes me the best version of myself,” says Matthews. “Running for me is so much a part of my day.  Everyone has something that holds them together.  A daily walk, a quiet cup of coffee, a moment of meditation…we all have something that grounds us, for me, it’s running.”

As a child, Matthews was given a stopwatch for her birthday.  She has a very clear memory of hitting the button and sprinting off.  

“I felt so fast, I probably wasn’t, but that isn’t the memory that stands out.  My memory is one of freedom, strength, endless possibilities,” explains Matthews.  “If I can be this good today, I can be better tomorrow.  It’s a beautiful thing when we can test our limits, at any age and in lots of ways.”

Someone recently asked Matthews how she can run distance, and wondered how she didn’t find it boring. Here response…it’s anything but. 

“So much happens when I’m out, and it’s different every day.  Some days I’m reflecting and working out conflict, other days my mind is open, and I’m actually working on my art,” explains Matthews. “I notice the way a structure looks against an interesting sky or the change in color and texture of the landscape as the seasons shift.”

Her favorite days, however, are when the run is a challenge and she is 100% focused on the task at hand.

“That’s the amazing thing about distance running or racing, it takes such focus and control.  Knowing when to steady yourself,  and when to push.  Even then, there are the moments when things get hard no matter how much you have prepared for them,” shares Matthews. “That’s when the idea of Sisu comes in.  Pushing past discomfort and doubt and going to a place you didn’t think you had. It is strength and power despite the odds.  Ideally, I will always be a runner even long after my body has decided differently.”

Click here to visit Jill Matthews passion page SISU MAINE

Click here to see our entire collection of Matthew’s artwork. JILL MATTHEWS – ARTIST PAGE

Click here to read more about Matthews, her art and her inspiration. JILL MATTHEWS – STORIES AND INSIGHTS

Happiest of Holidays from Maine Art Hill

No matter what, this season does seem to revolve around gifts. Shopping and buying and wrapping and giving and of course receiving. We also realize the amount of happiness generated from giving, far outweighs the happiness from the receiving. We also realize the gift of a smile, a kind word, or asking how someone is can make a big impact when given with sincerity. Smushy? Yes, but true.

With that said there are so many galleries to choose from, so many places in Maine and beyond to visit. Yet from day one, almost 30 years ago, owner John Spain has focused  Maine Art Hill has been the experience.

With this, we welcome you to come to experience Maine Art this Holiday Season and into the new year.

Yes, it is the giving season. Yes, art is always a great gift to give.

Two Holiday Reminders



Small Works Show at The Gallery on Maine Art Hill

Small Works Show

The Gallery on Maine Art Hill

December 1, 2019 – January 30, 2019

The Small Works show is being held on the first floor of The Gallery at 14 Western Ave.  This is a collection of small pieces by Maine Art Hill’s artists perfect for holiday gift-giving. Small pieces are a special treat for us, as many of our artists normally work on much larger canvases. This is a coveted collection of your favorites on a smaller scale.

Due to the nature of this show, these pieces sell quickly, and we encourage you to come in and see them soon.  Remember if you know and love an artist already, we can always help you purchase over the phone and have work shipped or picked up later in the month.  When you click on an image from the show it will tell you if it is SOLD or not. If you can see the price, it is still available.

We will be open every day through Christmas Prelude at 10 AM. Hours will fluctuate but we will be extending normal hours to accommodate the crowds for the busier evenings. Please call to check if you need it. 207-967-2803.  

Studios on Maine Art Hill will be open, as well. Come join us in celebrating with Sweetgrass for their Chocolate Tastings and Artist Emily Drummond who is filling the Pop-Up Gallery with wonderful coastal paintings full of color and life.  

Click any of the links below to see what is going on at Maine Art Hill in December.








Christmas Prelude in Kennebunkport 2019 – Events on Maine Art Hill

We are hoping that everyone has enjoyed the festival of family and friends called Thanksgiving.  We here at the galleries are so fortunate and incredibly grateful. We hope each of you celebrated and are using the next few days to rest before the Christmas Prelude 2019 begins next week!

Kennebunkport’s 38th Annual Christmas Prelude

Thursday, December 5 through Sunday, December 15

There are events going all every day, both during the day and in the evening. Many events are new this year so check the schedule carefully. Here are a few that are happening on The Hill. Be sure to stop and visit while you are in town.

Prelude Events On Maine Art Hill


Prelude in the Kennebunks: Cocoa, Cookies, & Critics – The Gallery 14 Western Ave

Saturday, December 7 at 1 PM-3 PM and Saturday, December 14 at 1 PM – 3 PM

Join us and many of our artists in celebrating Prelude by talking about their works in a warm and welcoming environment. Also featuring a collection of small works for the holidays.

In the Pop-Up! Emily Drummond  – Studios on Maine Art Hill,  5 Chase Hill Rd. Kennebunk

December 3 – 16. Open everyday at 10 am.

Local Maine artist and designer Emily Drummond brings her original paintings to Maine Art Hill for her debut solo show in the Pop-Up Gallery. You may remember Emily from her feature Tourist and Town cover in July. Emily lives with her husband in North Yarmouth where she continues to be inspired by the nautical landscape. She aims to create work that has a cheerful spirit through her use of color and nostalgic Maine subject matter.

Sweetgrass Kennebunk   –  Studios on Maine Art Hill,  5 Chase Hill Rd. Kennebunk

Pairing Maine Wine & Maine Chocolate for your Holiday Table
3 PM – 6 PM

Maine chocolatier, Dean’s Sweets will be in the tasting room to lead you through a tasting and pairing of Maine wine with Maine chocolate. Stop in anytime between 3 pm and 6 pm for this tasting which takes about 15 minutes. This special tasting is $6, includes wines, spirits, chocolates, and souvenir glass.

Pairing Maine Wine & Maine Chocolate for your Holiday Table
Wednesday, December 11
3 PM – 6 PM
Pairing Maine Wine & Maine Chocolate for your Holiday Table with Bixby&Co – Maine chocolatier, Bixby & Co., will be in the tasting room to lead you through a tasting of Sweetgrass wine and spirits with Maine chocolates. Stop in anytime between 3 pm and 6 pm to participate. This special tasting is $6, includes wines, spirits, chocolates, and souvenir glass.

The Kennebunk Business Association has an all-inclusive website to help both locals and visitors maneuver their way around town. Everything from parking to tickets to activities can be found on this page. https://www.christmasprelude.com.  Remember activities begin Thursday, December 5. See the schedule for details.

In addition, we recommend  KennebunkportMaineLodging.com if you are looking for local insight and info. It is a wonderful site to find detailed descriptions of all the events, as well as recommendations for lodging and restaurants. The owners are locals and love to share the inside scoop on how to make the most of any trip to the Kennebunks.

As always we are open and celebrating right along with you. We are open everyday at 10 am.

Voted one of The Best Christmas Towns in the U.S

Maine Art Hill E-Gift Certificates Now Available Online

The holidays are coming. It is the time of giving. Let us help.

This year for the holidays, and all year long, Maine Art Hill is offering something new. E-Gift Cards. Gift cards you can purchase and print or email from home. 

Many of you come in each year and purchase gift certificates for art for your loved ones. If you live close and want to visit, we still encourage you to come in and browse around if you would like. However, you can now go to our website and follow the simple and easy steps using Gift Up to purchase, then print or email a gift card in any amount. 

It’s so easy.

Go to www.maine-art.com 

Click the MAINE ART HILL GIFT CARD button on the top menu. 

Choose the amount. $100 and $250 are already done for you or type in any amount wanted. 

Choose who it is for – YOURSELF or SOMEONE ELSE. 

Now fill in the blanks. This should be easy. Follow the steps. 

If you want to print it and give it in person, choose a fun way to wrap it, or place it in a pretty envelope to mail or give away personally. 

If you are emailing it to the recipient, we encourage you to reach out to make sure they received an email, just in case it went to spam, or there was a typo. The number on the certificate and the recipients’ name with be how we look this up later, so both are important.

That’s it!

If you have trouble, give us a call, and we can help, as always. 


Merry Giving!

Artist Emily Drummond Comes to Pop-Up for Prelude

Featured Artist, Emily Drummond is the guest artist for Pop-Up beginning Tuesday, December 3 to Monday, December 16. Read on to learn more about her inspiration, her process, and her work.

December 3 to December 16

Emily Drummond’s artistic style has continuously evolved but was fine-tuned while pursuing her BFA in Art & Design at Alfred University.

Growing up in Maine, she was continuously influenced by the picturesque nature of the environment around her. For much of her college career, her goal was to capture glimpses of her coastal home state while she was away in New York.

She aims to create work that is energetic and vibrant, while still evoking a welcoming sense of comfort through playful color and subjects. Emily attributes this balance in her paintings to the connection she has with Maine and her childhood.

For more info about Drummond and her work, follow this link to her website.


Let us know if you’re coming to Emily Drummond’s show on Facebook!




Donna D’Aquino – Change is Good

With so much going on in the lives of our artists, we need to keep you up to date on what they are doing. They each have many balls to juggle and are always doing great new work.

For artist Donna D’Aquino this is so true.

“There certainly have been some twists and turns in my life this year,” says D’Aquino. “I left my beloved home in the western Maine mountains earlier this year and landed temporarily with family outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Then in September, I had another change of home and scenery to Loveland, Colorado.”

Here D’Aquino joined a beautiful environment of artists, Artworks Loveland. This is home to about thirty studios with a mission to bring mid-career contemporary artists to Loveland. 

“The application process was quite selective, so I am pleased to have been accepted,” shares D’Aquino. “I am super excited and quite nervous about more changes, but if you do not take a step, you never know.”

With all that said, we still consider D’Aquino a Maine artist in every sense of the word. Once you have Maine in your blood, it doesn’t just go away. 

“My hope and plan for the new studio environment are to be able to have the time, resources, and space to create the larger pieces I have been dreaming about for so long,” explains D’Aquino. “Loveland is home to the largest concentration of sculptors in the country. My new studio’s space includes a ‘Creator Space,’ which is filled with all kinds of tools and technology available to the studio artists 24/7 at no cost to us. This is an incredible thing!”

With that said, we are looking forward to some fantastic works from Donna D’Aquino’s first winter in out west. Be sure to add your name to our mailing list to receive updates on new work from all of our artists.

To see our present collection of D’Aquino’s work, click the link below. 

 Donna D’Aquino – Artist Page

To read more stories and insights from Donna D’Aquino click the link below. 

Donna D’Aquino – Artist Stories and Insights