Pop-Up with Heather Fountain, Angelique Luro, and Amalia Tagaris

September 9, 2023 @ 10:00 am – September 28, 2023 @ 5:00 pm
5 Chase Hill Rd. Kennebunk
ME 04043
Abby Daggett
(207) 204-2042

Featured Pop-Up Artists

Heather Fountain, Angelique Luro, and Amalia Tagaris

September 9 – 28

 5 Chase Hill Rd, Kennebunk

Open 10 AM Everyday

These three female artists are coming together to celebrate the fall with Maine Art Hill. A trio that compliments but does not compete is a beautiful blend of color, texture, and light.

Heather Fountain

Dr. Heather L. R. Fountain, the creator of Fountain Glass, has shown her work nationally and internationally. She utilizes various kiln-formed glass techniques that help her achieve extensive and varied works ranging from jewelry to sculptural pieces. Much of her work is inspired by the ocean, lakes, and forests of Maine, where she has always found peace amid the beauty of nature.

Angelique Luro

A common thread running throughout most of my career and education was creativity. Every time I was able to be creative, I was happy. Without creativity, I became miserable. Over the years, I have had several by-chance encounters with artists. Each time, I would feel a rush of excitement in my heart. I ignored it because being an artist seemed unattainable, I didn’t have an art education, and I honestly felt intimidated by “art speak.”

Every piece of art that I create teaches me something. I like to think of it as an exploration. The inspiration for my work is simple: nature and all she encompasses. My curiosities are vast. I approach painting playfully with a good sense of humor, which I need when things go down the tubes.

I aspire for my work to become a meaningful and joyful piece of your story.

Amalia Tagaris

I am a Boston-based artist trained in professional photography at the New England School of Photography. I am self-taught in encaustic (beeswax + damar resin + colored pigments) and mixed media art.

My introduction to painting with encaustic was in 2009 when I began the application of the encaustic medium to my photographs to produce works with luminous, textural qualities. Today, I continue the exploration of the medium by incorporating oil paint, inks, carbon prints, and various other mixed media in my paintings. In addition, I use a variety of fine art paper to create unique and lively encaustic monotypes.

A true New Englander with European roots and traditions, my perspective is enriched by the marriage of both worlds. My subject matter is highly intuitive, informed by past experiences and my current state of mind and place.   I oscillate between urban and natural landscapes and abstract compositions and sometimes enjoy investigating unassociated subjects such as colorful koi fish and bold, floral compositions.

The versatility of this ancient medium allows it to adopt various materials within its skin to reveal an entirely new meaning. It also allows me to infuse bold, luscious colors and textures onto what would otherwise be a flat surface. The tactile property of the wax demands physical interaction during scraping, incising, and smoothening of its surface, layer after layer.

There is a push and pull between spontaneous and intentional compositions as the molten wax becomes malleable when a heat source is reintroduced to bind its newly applied strokes to the existing ones.

Quite often, something extraordinary arises from these unplanned happenings, which makes working with encaustic very appealing in expressing my visual narrative.