Fall Favorites 2023 Week 6

Autumn is upon us, and we at Maine Art Hill in Kennebunk, Maine, know visitors are changing their shopping habits as the weather gets cooler, and we all start to snuggle in. We thought, “What better way to connect with you than having our well-loved artists share their own favorites things.” More specifically, their favorite piece of their own art from their Maine Art Hill collection. Click here to learn more from Maine Art Hill Fall Favorite artists from Week Six. David Witbeck, James Rivington Pyne, and Guest Artist Amalia Tagaris

Spring Arrivals 2021 – James Rivington Pyne

I try to capture, in birds, for instance, either the subject’s extreme stillness (a heron fishing) or it’s opposite. I find the best way to express a bird’s edginess on a limb or briskness in flight is by rough, almost blurred outlines, similar to a sketch, rather than smooth finishes.

A Growing Gallery – New Works from Our Artists

All told, we have over thirty artists at Maine Art Gallery and many have new pieces that have been or will be featured in shows this summer. New works arrive every week. Our website is real time and is always up to date. Be sure to watch our Facebook page, as well, for new additions to our inventory. If you want to be contacted when new work comes in from any specific artist, please add your name to our email list, indicate which one, and we will be sure to contact you.

The Sculpture

When someone asks of art in Maine the mind goes to seascapes and fishing boats, Classic Maine scenes captured in acrylic or watercolor hung on walls in memory of a time and place lest we forget the beauty. Yet when walking into Maine Art Paintings and Sculpture, one quickly realizes it is more than just one dimensional. Here, among the canvases, is sculpture.

James Rivington Pyne and Tern

As you first walk into Maine Art Shows at 10 Chase Hill Road in Kennebunk, a curious little sculpture of what at first glance is a seagull swooping in to grab his lunch is there to greet you. However, after a closer look, something is just a little different, a little smaller, a little more unique about this particular bird.

James Rivington Pyne in BIRD – A Maine Art Show

James Rivington Pyne by Ric Kasini Kadour Sandpipers, terns, green longtails, pelicans, crows, and many other birds make up the volary of James Rivington Pyne’s sculpture. This self-taught artist is known for an attentiveness that captures the subtle gestures, stance, or temperament of his avian subjects while preserving and honoring the natural quirkiness of birds. His… Read more »