Returning to Maine – Artist Insights from Artist Margaret Gerding

“Goose Rocks Beach holds special lifetime memories for me. It is full of sun, adventure and fun. Now that I live locally I am able  to capture this beach in paint anytime. It is a joy,” shares Gerding. “This is one of the first ‘beach’ paintings I have attempted, and it truly tells the story of what the beach means.”

When Inspiration is Personal – Artist Insights from Margaret Gerding

I have always loved the “quiet end” of the beach, where even in the heat of summer you can find open space to rest. The dune divides the ocean from the marsh, and allows for both a sunset and sunrise viewing. The large clouds held such a beautiful blue against the warm sky this evening.

Spring Arrivals 2021 – Margaret Gerding

Throughout my career, my goal has remained constant: to capture a single moment in time. As an artist, my job is to observe as much as to create. With every second that passes, light changes, colors adjust, and the slightest physical shift occurs in nature. Each piece is based on a real place, a moment that I have experienced and been inspired by. There is something unique about being alone with nature—a quiet that connects me like no other. It is only this solitude, whether outside or in the studio, that allows me to let the landscape reveal itself to me.

Save the Date – Summer of 2021 Schedule for Maine Art Hill

The 2021 Summer Show Schedule is set, and we couldn’t wait to share the excitement with all of you. We know how quickly summer calendars fill up, so be sure to pencil us in.

A Coupling of Paint and Place – Margaret Gerding and William B. Hoyt

This summer, Hoyt and Gerding come together for three weeks. They may have separate bodies of work, but they share a place of inspiration and love for an area that holds not only beauty but memories.
“Both artists have strong ties to Maine, either having visited or lived here for years. They capture the true essence of the state,” says gallery owner, John Spain. “Hoyt celebrates the incredible precision of his paintbrush, where Gerding’s strokes are looser and less defined. Yet when the two come together to represent our state, magic happens in full color.”

Close to Home ~ a 30-day Challenge from Margaret Gerding

“With the topic ‘Close to Home’ I was definitely influenced by events in our world right now,” shares Gerding. “It was a way of recording the beautiful nature around me, as I stayed within a few miles from my home in Kennebunkport. This series is how this landscape is interpreted through my eyes.”