The Mind of an Artist – Insights from Margaret Gerding

“It’s all about the moments put down on the canvas to capture a portrait of the region,” shares Gerding. “My vision has been to capture these” quiet moments in a way that exhibits their mood, along with the scene and its complex palette.”

Gerding and Hoyt – Two Artists. Two Views. Two Shows.

At Maine Art Hill, we know the power of dynamic duos. Scheduling two different but truly talented artists together simultaneously was purposeful. “We have observed over the past few years that many of our collectors are enamored with the works of both of these artists,” says owner John Spain.” With that, this  is the second time we have paired these two  together not only for the enjoyment of our clients but also for the artists themselves.”

Week Five of Spring Arrivals 2023 – Witbeck, Gerding and Dunwoodie

Three Maine Art Hill artists arrive for Week Five of Spring Arrivals. Below you will see a thumbnail of each piece. Click to make it larger. Works from these three artists are available online and at the main gallery at 14 Western Ave in Kennebunk. Come by or call 207-967-2803. Links to their artist’s pages, where you can see all their work are at the bottom.

Margaret Gerding Solo Spring Show at The Gallery on Maine Art Hill

“I am immersed daily in the area of my greatest inspiration. It is a place where nature provides a lifetime of exploration and study.  I had the good fortune of vacationing here every summer as a child. I grew up wandering in the marshes, exploring the greenness and the vast skies. It was a puzzle to traverse the waterways, an escape,” says Gerding. “Now, it’s home.”

Returning to Maine – Artist Insights from Artist Margaret Gerding

“Goose Rocks Beach holds special lifetime memories for me. It is full of sun, adventure and fun. Now that I live locally I am able  to capture this beach in paint anytime. It is a joy,” shares Gerding. “This is one of the first ‘beach’ paintings I have attempted, and it truly tells the story of what the beach means.”

When Inspiration is Personal – Artist Insights from Margaret Gerding

I have always loved the “quiet end” of the beach, where even in the heat of summer you can find open space to rest. The dune divides the ocean from the marsh, and allows for both a sunset and sunrise viewing. The large clouds held such a beautiful blue against the warm sky this evening.